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A Message from the Chairman

As I sat down to write this, I asked myself a few questions. In no particular order, I asked “Why does ASNT exist? Why am I volunteering to be on this board? What benefits are to be had by you and me participating in ASNT meetings?” Here is what I came up with...

Every day of every week, people gather together. They gather together to play, to work, to worship, to protest, to be entertained, to discuss ideas, to eat … and on and on. Many of these things can be done in solitude, but there are beneficial, sometimes even powerful reasons to gather as a group. In the context of our nondestructive testing community, we benefit in our gathering from making and maintaining contacts; contacts that might help us solve our next problem or provide us our next job. We benefit by learning from each other’s unique experiences and training. We also benefit from friendships that are developed over time and built around the common theme of our life’s work.

Life is busy and demanding, but for those of us who find our vocation in NDT, I think it is worth our time and effort to participate in our local chapter meetings - not only for what we can get from them, but also for the benefit we can bring to others.

For these reasons, and perhaps others, our board is looking forward to this year. We have already enjoyed meeting and working together in preparation for the upcoming meetings, and we even more look forward to spending time with many of you as we work together to make a safer world through NDT. We hope to see you there.


Ray Cosgrove
Chairman 2016-2017