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A Message from the Chairman

Thank God the end of the summer is here; itís time to get back to the business of building a better North Texas Chapter to serve the NDT needs of our community. Letís start with a look at a few accomplishments from last year.

I was so proud that as a society we acknowledged God and Country before each meeting, not a small thing. (As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord). Our great Nation has been challenged, and itís time to stand together and display our patriotism. The North Texas Chapter boldly did so in 2013 and will continue to do so.

Through the participation of corporate sponsors, we set goals of tending to ALL the members of our society Ė primes, 3 levels and trainers, NDT Vendors, NDT Labs and service companies and technicians.

We were able to pay $15.00 toward each memberís meal at monthly meeting at a great location (Pappadeauxís). Opening the meeting to spouses and dates as well as changing location helped increase attendance.

The Christmas party was a great time for all; we had to add tables to accommodate the attendance. The bar was set high for this year, assuring we will have a larger attendance with bigger expectations for an exciting party.

The Chapter awarded three scholarships to young technicians to further their education in NDT. This helped recruit new members to our chapter and makes our industry a viable option to young people as they choose their vocation. To my knowledge this effort was unmatched by any other chapter in the nation. We will continue to address the problem of getting the youth and working technicians involved.

Our final event for the year was our Vendorís show. We had good attendance and received 100% positive feedback from members and vendors. The atmosphere, food, door prizes and entertainment were great. All that attended were truly blessed.

While 2013 was full of new accomplishments for our chapter, not every project had the desired results. Reaching out to all industries utilizing NDT in North Texas tends to be a larger task than anticipated. Bringing in new membership participation from such a vast area as North Texas was a big challenge. We will increase our efforts in both of these areas, but the answer is obvious. Each member becoming involved and hopefully this means more than just attending meetings. Our expectations are high, and we are eager to get started. I look forward to a great year with your help.


Ernie Vandergriff
Chairman 2014-2015